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Read about our latest engagements and how we helped our clients to maximise their positive social impact and grow their business.

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Workshop for Startups on Social Impact Assessment.

Higher Education, Incubator - Lund - 2016
Through a series of carefully designed workshops, Casta&Bucks consultants are helping social entrepreneurs at SoPact, Lund’s University Social Impact Accelerator Program, to capture their positive contribution to society and to the environment through solid impact indicators. This will allow SoPact and all incubated startups to reach their Social Impact goals and to strengthen their brands by proudly communicating their achievements to customers, investors and the general public.

A new recycling technology in textile industry.

Textile Industry - Stockholm and Istanbul - 2015
A Swedish technology company has developed an innovative technology that brings an entirely new recycling process into textile industry, generating high quality dissolving pulp from pre-consumer waste or used clothing. An import/export company based in Stockholm, has committed to bring this technology in Turkey, where the textile industry is established and keeps growing. To maximise the impact of this process and to ensure that it will reach all its objectives, we have been engaged as project managers. We are building the bridge that will allow this technology to reach where it will generate the most impact, by connecting relevant stakeholders, by designing and implementing a solid business strategy.

Assessment of sustainable-business opportunties in the Scandiavian Region.

Stockholm, 2015
A private, Stockholm-based company importing products from the Middle East products (focusing on highly positive social and environmental impact products) decided to expand its portfolio and grow its area of business from national to regional scale. In order to serve the whole Scandinavian region, the company had to find new new distribution channels and conduct pre-assess how mature several industry sectors were in different countries. We supported our client with business ingelligence and insights on its future market of import and export. We investigated different industry sectors, throughout Scandinavia and Middle East, in order to understand which products would have generated the most significant impact if they were imported/exported across these two regions.

We have conducted analysis and explored food, home supplies and other fast moving consumer goods manufactured both in Scandinavia and the Middle East.

A plastic water bottle that will change forestry.

Beverage Industry - Stockholm, 2015
Beverage industry is responsible for an enormous quantity of plastic produced and wasted every year. A Stockholm based beverage company has partnered up with the world’s leading forestry NGO to offer an innovative concept to its customers: planting a tree for each bottle sold. Combined to the higest percentage of recycled plastic to produce the bottles, this make our client one of the most innovative thinkers of this industry. We are taking this concept internationally by entering new markets, helping the company to scale down the tree-planting system to local level and prepare a market strategy that leverages on solid impact to win competition.

Non-profit shifting to social business model.

Stockholm, 2015
Many organisations in the non-profit sector constantly face great challenges that are intrinsic of their very core structure: getting sustainable financing to run their daily operations. We have worked in close collaboration with one of the fastest growing and respected NGOs in Sweden, developing a strategy to solve this issue. The main point was to shift view from donor to investor perspective. To do so, we had to re-think investor communication, designing it around solid metrics, that best captured the real social impact of the NGO and allowed a different type of engagement with potential investors. Following our engagement, we are honoured to have been offered a permanent seat at the Advisory Board of that organisation.

Market Analysis: Identification and mapping of the clusters driving smart innovation in the Scandiavian Region.

Innovation - Sweden, Norway, Finland, 2015
One of the most highly recognized institutions, branch of the Nordic Council of Ministers, is committed to improving the real eastate and city planning development in the Nordics by promoting smart and sustainable projects across the Scandiavian countries. In this context, our client needed assistence to understand the development, interaction, financing and distribution of existing innovation clusters that promote Smart Urban Development in the Nordics. We conducted primary research in Norway and Finland, supporting our client with reliable data and by providing insights for better decision making.

Generating impact in two countries, seamlessly.

Home supplies - Food Industry - Stockholm, 2015
A South African manufacturing company specialised in non electric slow-cooking devices, expanded its operations in Scandinavia in 2014. At its origins, the product had a great social impact for the families using it, reducing toxic fumes generated by firewood combustion, making it an extremely important product for third world countries. To maximise the impact that could be generated by selling one of these devices in Scandinavia, another device is currently being donated to developing countries. We supported the Scandinavian team to make this possible, and, by engaging in a long term consulting process, facilitated the growth of the brand in Scandinavia. We also worked on the opportunity for third party corporate organisations to integrate the use of this product into their CSR strategy, and benefit from its Carbon Credit benefits.

Internal communication strategy to promote Sustainability.

Higher Education - Maastricht, 2015
We supported a leading European University to make the case for sustainability in its internal communication strategy, with the objective of raising awareness of sustainability related activities and their performances within all University departments. Ultimately, the project also lead to reccomendations and an applicable strategy on how to increase international recognition by leveraging on the do-good activites carried out by the University. By strenghtening its branding as "sustainable employer", the organisation had much to gain. The consulting process has been carried out in close collaboration with researchers and some of the most sustainably-active units of the organisation.

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