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We collect information about customers' behavior and analyse the consequences of major social changes on organisations. Our papers are designed to be concise and thought-provoking, our topics to be analytical and philosophical, our objective to support decision makers and sparkle further thinking.


The Art of Measurement

It is important to know where the limits of measurement are and the effects of the “what gets measured, gets managed” paradigm. Paramount, too, is to point out the difference between indicators and metrics (proxies), and that they should be used wisely instead of sporadically and plastered over everything we do. Indeed, in the words of Charles Spurgeon, “wisdom is the right use of knowledge”.


Social Capital - Its relevance and benefits to organisations

When doing well by doing the right thing isn’t quite enough to get the corporate juices flowing we need to bring things down to the bare essentials: organisational development in industry and society depends on and reflects how its people work and productively innovate towards its core mission. Whether individuals work in teams, small units, on their own, within the firm or in close contact with external stakeholders, they possess significant and sometimes difficult to quantify value creation potential in the form of social capital.

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Social Impact Management

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